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Cooperation detail/Investment level Franchiser Franchiser Franchiser Franchiser
First order amount in accordance with the criteria of wholesale price 50,000-10,000RMB 110,000-200,000RMB 210,000-300,000RMB >300,000RMB
Preferential policies future order discount 5% 10% 15% 20%
Franchise fees, trademark fees, management fees free free free free
Franchiser rights 1、Guarantee to provide long term supply, after-sale services, market maintenance, brand promotion, product R&D and relevant services to franchiser.
2、Freely gain technical training, long term technology consultation, guide and industrial information, get follow up technical upgrade, product renewal services.
3、Has the rights to develop multiple stores, direct-sale store, agency shop, franchise shop, self defined cooperation, get interest benefits, management power.
4、Directly retail and wholesale for company products, sale directly to the market, maximize profits.
Preferential policies 1、Free of charge joining, trademark, management, store design plan discs.
2、Freely provide poster, picture, display rack design, promotion discs, brochures, brand use authorization.
3、The payment of first order is 60% of wholesale price, the rest of arrears need to be paid in December at the end of the year.
4、Based on single purchase amount to get specific discount.
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