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Group chairman, president Shangxing Jun won the fourteenth Jinan Outstanding Entrepreneur Award for Outstanding Contribution

Number of visits: Date:Sep 5,2012

On August 1, the "2012 National Entrepreneurs' Day celebration of the annual meeting and Fourteenth Jinan City Outstanding Entrepreneur Commendation Congresswas grandly held in the southern suburbs hotel .Group chairman, president Shang Xingjun with excellent business ability and outstanding contributions in the energy-saving, environmental protection, employment and social welfare undertakings, was awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award for "outstanding entrepreneurs of the 14th session of the Jinan City.


The conference was co-sponsored by the Jinan City Business Association and Entrepreneurs Association. Party secretary Wang Min, deputy secretary, Mayor Yang Luyu sent a congratulatory message for the General Assembly, Municipal Committee, vice mayor Sushu Wei attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting commended 28 "Fourteenth Jinan City Outstanding Entrepreneur Award for Outstanding Contribution" and 48 "14th Jinan City Outstanding Entrepreneur". The outstanding entrepreneurs made a statement.


Over the years, we rely on scientific and technological progress and development productivity, emphasis on the construction of corporate integrity, attention to management innovation, and actively fulfill their social responsibilities, operating results continue to improve, the brand has been widely recognized in the levels of government and society. This honor is certainly great achievements in recent years on the management of the Group, to fully display the overall competitiveness of the Group.

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