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Introduction of Newly Developed Products


I. Development of new non-isolated LED driver BSD-PC20-N24C4 series for LED tube, picture and brief introduction are as follows.

The non-isolated LED driver BSD-PC20-N24C4 series is a new type, of which volume is super slim, only with 11.8cm, and super short (the length is shorter than a ball pen, as the picture above). This type of LED driver adopts current advanced APFC no-electrolytic capacitor working schematic design, which does not adopt power frequency filtering electrolytic capacitor, not only saves cost, decrease more fault point, but also prolongs life-span of the LED driver. The elaborate calculation and design make this driver has excellent performance index, and the actual measurement index is as below: 1) efficiency is up to 92%, lowest is 91%. 2). power factor is 0.94.  3). the current stability is less ±5.  4). cost is less than 9 RMB, which is about one RMB lower than the first generation BCSD-PC20-N24C1. Because we simplify the design proposal, the cost of manufacture decreases sharply.

Economic benefit analysis: this product is absolutely in conformity with current equipments and techniques production level. Our company can produce this product independently, of which APFC is accord with our county’s relevant regulations, and could make mass production. The emergence of this product fills blank of great demand of high PF,high efficiency LED power supply. The second BSD-PC20-N24C2 and third generation BSD-PC20-N24C3 has been produced more than 10 thousand pieces, and the new generation, BSD-PC20-N24C4 has obvious advantage than the previous series, after LED market keeps stably, the estimate production capacity will be larger than 10 thousand pieces per month, and the profit ratio will up to more than 60%.


 II. Development of new T5 light fixture, picture and brief introduction are as follows.
    This series of light fixture is with simple and generous appearance, graceful and light, with good heat dissipation, simple workmanship, and adopts light body and LED driver separating structure, which effectively prolongs life-span of LED light fixture, and we adopts SMD3014 which is has better dissipation design. The first generation T5, which used DIP LED, not only with terrible heat dissipation, but also without cost advantage because of the improvement of SMD technology. The current new generation’s light efficiency is 90lm/W, which is much better than the fist generation, with 75lm/W. Under conditions of the same luminous flux, the new product consumes lower power, produces less heat, and has longer life-span.

The previous T5 series was liked by many customers, and helped us get many orders from railway hotels and some Nanjing customers. The new type of T5 has been improved than the previous one on appearance, function and life-span, the cost is almost the same, and the expected annual quantity demanded will be more than 50,000 pieces.


 III. Development of 2G11 series light fixture, brief introduction is as follows.

At present, traditional 2G11 series light fixture, because of its workmanship features, with short life-span of no more than 8,000 hours, usually we have to change a new one by every 3-8 months. Right now, 2G11 is widely used in department stores, office, living rooms, etc, while LED 2G11 is rather lack of and current products in the market has some problems more or less. Facing this phenomenon, we think it is necessary to develop this type of LED product, although we adopt the public mould, we research very carefully, and find the efficient way for LED heat dissipation, resolve the problem of short life-span of 2G11. Thanks to the improvement of heat dissipation, we could change LED type and reduce the quantity of LED to reach the same luminous flux, and then save cost.

2G11 is widely used in many places, such as department stores, offices and living rooms. The expected annual sales volume will be more than 10,000 pieces.


Ⅳ. On-going projects

The development of  high efficiency LED bulb BSD-BL-4R8S-C50A, is mainly on the research and development of LED driver. Because we adopt new thoughts, this product is 20lm/w higher efficiency, and 15% lower cost than other similar products, has obvious price advantage.

This type of LED bulb is small and light, and low-cost, according to 20% profit by calculation, selling price is only 16 RMB, because we use new design thoughts, which makes cost decrease intensely, and improves the life-span and performance. This LED bulb can absolutely replace 40W incandescent lamp and 12W energy saving lamp. And its design service life is 30,000 hours, living room using life is 5-7 years, and expected annual sales volume will be 100,000 pieces above. Meanwhile, we strive to research and develop lots of new control circuits such as human induction circuit, which is suitable for all LED lights; touch control circuit, which is applied in LED desk lamp, and corridor lamp which need intelligent control.

New Products
    • No: BSD-CP015

    • No: BSD-DB020

    • No: BSD-DB036

    • No: BSD-FG023

    • No: BSD-GD018

    • No: BSD-GK001

    • No: BSD-JHBA001

    • No: BSD-LD010

    • No: BSD-LD016

    • No: BSD-LD023

    • No: BSD-QP037

    • No: BSD-QP046

    • No: BSD-RG001

    • No: BSD-RG020

    • No: BSD-SDD002

    • No: BSD-SDT001

    • No: BSD-SDT002

    • No: BSD-SDT003

    • No: BSD-SDT004

    • No: BSD-SDT005