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  Baoshida Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter abbreviated as BSD), as a business unit of Baoshida Holding Group, is a wholly owned subsidiary. BSD was established in 2006 whose register capital is 60 million RMB. BSD is modernized LED industrial chain company specialized in research, manufacture, marketing and engineering services of LED lighting, LED display, LED chip, LED driving power supply, LED light source and LED thermal dissipation system.
  At present, BSD has own intellectual property top quality LED productions, such as LED single color, double color and full color display, high-power LED outdoor and indoor lighting. BSD carries out standard, scientific management system and has successfully passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO 14001 environment management system certification.
  In the domestic market, BSD has been prepare to construct 12 image stores, 8 agencies and 5 branch companies. The whole domestic market is covered by integrated marketing network which spreads over more than 20 provinces, cities and municipalities. In the international market, BSD has been prepare to construct 2 foreign trade corporations which will establish strategic partnership with global purchasers. BSD has got certain outstanding achievements and developed scale of service market. At present, we provide lighting solutions mainly for government, transportation organization, tax institution, bank system, industrial and mining enterprise, advertising agency, engineering company, commercial attic, securities hall, big-and-middle academy, medical institution, customs and harbour, mobile telecommunication, etc
  BSD has exquisite productive craft process. We have mastered core technology in the field of encapsulation, power drive, optical design and heat dissipation structure both domestic and abroad. We also have an experienced team with strong executive force. At the beginning of BSD established, the company has created learn-research cooperation mode with Shandong University Crystal Research Institution and Fudan University analysis test center and built a semi-conductor lighting technology research center. At the same time many famous experts from home and aboard in the field of LED encapsulation, display and lighting are invited to give technology guidance lessons, after a long time hard working, we have gradually completed technology introduction, transformation and creation. Our goal is committed to the cause of energy-saving and environment protection development. At 2009, the research and development center was named "provincial LED project lighting center" by Shandong information industry hall.
  BSD has 13,000 square meters 100,000 dust-free level encapsulation workshop , 6,000 square meters modernized electronic production workshop, 4,000 square meters product aging workshop, 3,000 square meters exhibition hall, 2,000 square meters D&P and lab, and 3,000 comprehensive office building and marketing center.There are SMT, DIP, ASSY and TEST lines in electronic production workshop and die boner, wire solder, dispensing, testing, braiding lines in encapsulation workshop. All the production machine, such as automatic die bonder, wire solder, dispenser, testing classification machine, braiding package machine and pushing tension testing machine in encapsulation workshop and automatic SMT, reflowing solder without lead, DIP, waving solder without lead, ASSY and optical electronic parameter comprehensive testing system in electronic workshop are imported from advanced manufactures in the world which ensure the high quality of our production.
  BSD is committed to building a modern LED industrial park and fist-class LED brand in China! In the future, BSD will combine midstream and upstream industrial of LED chain with its current resource avantages. The new areas include LED sapphire substrate material preparation, LED epitaxial growth technology, LED chip cutting technology, heat integration encapsulation technology, etc.
  In 2011, BSD got expropriation of land 300 mu using to construct photoelectrons industrial park. It is one-stage project which invest 1.5 billion RMB. Including about 1,000 sets of processing equipments, 130,000 square meters production building and 800 jobs.

Project planning:
  LED Chip Branch;LED Source Light Branch;LED Display Branch;LED Lighting Branch;Lighting Engineering Branch;EMC Efficiency Modification Company

  In the view of technology advantage and developing prospect of the project planning, it will not only lay a foundation for furthering development into high-top manufacturing and photoelectronic industry but also bring new driving force to the formation and development of LED industry of whole Shandong or even north China. Further accelerating the adjustment of industrial structure and getting over LED chip excessive dependence on importing situation, which,on one hand, conforming with our guiding ideology of walking on the new industrialization road; on other hand, adapting to the market demand of the LED rapid growth.

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